Advanced Markets Resources Table of Contents:

Pairs minimum margin requirement is 1%

InstrumentContract Size (=1 LOT)Min Trade SizeMax Trade Size***Digits
AUD/CAD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
AUD/CHF100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
AUD/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
AUD/NZD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
AUD/USD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
CAD/CHF100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
CAD/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
CHF/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
EUR/AUD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/CAD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/CHF100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/GBP100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
EUR/NZD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/USD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
InstrumentContract Size (=1 LOT)Min Trade SizeMax Trade Size***Digits
GBP/AUD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
GBP/CAD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
GBP/CHF100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
GBP/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
GBP/NZD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
GBP/SGD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
GBP/USD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
NZD/CAD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
NZD/CHF100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
NZD/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
NZD/USD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/CAD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/CHF100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3

Pairs minimum margin requirement is 2%

InstrumentContract Size (=1 LOT)Min Trade SizeMax Trade Size***Digits
AUD/SGD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
CHF/SGD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/CNH****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/CZK****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/NOK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/PLN100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/SEK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/SGD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/ZAR100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
GBP/NOK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
GBP/SEK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
NOK/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
InstrumentContract Size (=1 LOT)Min Trade SizeMax Trade Size***Digits
NOK/SEK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
SEK/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
SGD/JPY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
USD/CNH100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/CZK****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/HKD 100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/NOK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/PLN 100,000 units 0.01 lot200 lots 5
USD/SEK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/SGD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/ZAR100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
ZAR/JPY 100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3

Pairs minimum margin requirement is 4%

InstrumentContract Size (=1 LOT)Min Trade SizeMax Trade Size***Digits
USD/MXN****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/THB****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3

Pairs minimum margin requirement is 10%

InstrumentContract Size (=1 LOT)Min Trade SizeMax Trade Size***Digits
EUR/TRY****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/TRY****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/ILS****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/ILS****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
GBP/ILS****100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5

Pairs are available as indicative pricing (Non-tradeable)*****

InstrumentContract Size (=1 LOT)Min Trade SizeMax Trade Size***Digits
EUR/DKK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/HKD100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
EUR/HUF100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
GBP/DKK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
InstrumentContract Size (=1 LOT)Min Trade SizeMax Trade Size***Digits
GBP/TRY100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/DKK100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots5
USD/HUF100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots3
USD/RUB100,000 units0.01 lot200 lots 5

Please, note that this list a subject to change

** Please, note that some exotic currency pairs may experience light liquidity conditions during certain market hours.
Such liquidity conditions may result in uneven pricing and/or the possibility of increased slippage. Clients trading during these
conditions do so at their own risk. Advanced Markets Ltd. advises clients to check depth of market on these instruments prior to placing trades.

*** Maximum trade size can be adjusted upon request. Please, contact your sales representative.

****These available for STP on the omnibus account only, they are not available on Advanced Markets MT shared servers.

***** These symbols are not available for STP trading for margin clients. Only indicative pricing will be streamed to margin clients. These symbols are not available on Advanced Markets MT shared servers.

Spot Metals:

InstrumentDescriptionContract Size
(=1 LOT)
Min Trade SizeMax Trade SizeDigits
XAUAUD*Gold denominated in Australian dollars100 oz0.01 Lot100 Lots2
XAUEURGold denominated in Euro100 oz0.01 Lot100 Lots2
XAUJPY*Gold denominated in Japanese Yen100 oz0.01 Lot100 Lots2
XAUUSDGold denominated in US dollars100 oz0.01 Lot100 Lots2
XAGEUR*Silver denominated in Euro5,000 oz0.01 Lot100 Lots3
XAGUSDSilver denominated in US dollars5,000 oz0.01 Lot100 Lots3

* These symbols are not available for STP trading for margin clients. Only indicative pricing will be streamed to margin clients. These symbols are not available on Advanced Markets MT shared servers.

Commodities (Oil & Energy):

InstrumentDescriptionContract Size (=1 LOT)Min Trade SizeMax Trade SizeDigits
XTIUSDWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTI)1,000 barrels0.01 lot20 lots3
XBRUSDBrent Crude Oil1,000 barrels0.01 lot20 lots3
XNGUSDUS Natural Gas10,000 MMBtu0.01 lot20 lots4


Instrument Margin & PnL Currency Description Min / Max Trade Size MT4 DigitsTrading Hours (Eastern Standard Time)*Daily Break Time (EST)***System Daily Break Time (EST)***
EUSTX50EuroA stock index of Eurozone blue-chip stocks with a goal to provide sector leaders in the Eurozone.1 / 5002Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:5511:25-11:4016:55-17:10
GER30EuroA stock market index consisting of 30 German companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.1 / 1,0002Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:5516:55-17:10
HK50Hong Kong DollarMeasures the performance of the 50 top Hong Kong listed companies.1 / 1,0002Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:553:55-4:1016:55-17:10
JPN225YenA stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange based on 225 Japanese companies.1 / 25,0002Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:551:55-2:1016:55-17:10
NAS100US DollarA US stock market based on technical companies.1 / 2,0002Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:5515:55-16:1016:55-17:10
SPA35EuroA benchmark stock market index of Spain’s principal stock exchange.1 / 2502Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:5511:25-11:4016:55-17:10
SWI20Swiss FrancMeasures the performance of the top 20 Swiss companies.1 / 2502Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:5511:15-11:4016:55-17:10
UK100British PoundAn index of 100 high capitalization companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.1 / 1,0002Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:5511:25-11:40 16:55-17:10
UKOILUS DollarBrent Crude Oil.10 / 1,0003Sunday 20:15 - Friday 16:4516:45-20:1516:45-20:15
US30US DollarA US stock market with 30 component companies.1 / 2,5002Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:5515:55-16:1016:55-17:10
US500US DollarA US stock market index based on 500 leading companies.1 / 1,0002Sunday 18:00 - Friday 16:5515:55-16:1016:55-17:10
USBKTUS DollarThe value of the U.S. dollar relative to the value of a basket of currencies.1 / 2502Sunday 20:15 - Friday 16:4516:45-20:1516:45-20:15
USOILUS DollarWest Texas Intermediate Crude Oil.10 / 1,0003Sunday 20:15 - Friday 16:4516:45-20:1516:45-20:15

*Please, note that during non-market hours (where the underlying market is closed) spreads tend to be wider than normal.

When the underlying market is closed due to a market holiday, trading may still be available, however, with wider pricing than usual.

Crypto CFD*:

Instrument NameMargin & PnL CurrencyDescriptionMT4 lot size Only on AM shared serverMT4 Digits Only on AM shared serverTrading Hours (Eastern Standard Time)*Daily Break Time (EST)***
XBTUSDUS DollarBitcoin12Sunday 17:10 - Friday 16:5516:55 - 17:10
BCHUSDUS DollarBitcoin Cash12Sunday 17:10 - Friday 16:5516:55 - 17:10
ETHUSDUS DollarEther12Sunday 17:10 - Friday 16:5516:55 - 17:10
EOSUSDUS DollarEOS10,0004Sunday 17:10 - Friday 16:5516:55 - 17:10
NEOUSDUS DollarNEO1003Sunday 17:10 - Friday 16:5516:55 - 17:10
XLMUSDUS DollarStellar10,0004Sunday 17:10 - Friday 16:5516:55 - 17:10
LTCUSDUS DollarLite coin1002Sunday 17:10 - Friday 16:5516:55 - 17:10

*Only available for qualified clients on our MT shared server. The client will be able to trade 0.01 of a lot.

Single Stock CFD*:

StockTickerExchangesISINBloomberg CodeEpic FragmentMargin RateTrading Hours (Eastern Standard Timezone)Can go Short? *DecimalsMin/Max order sizeCurrency
Boeing Company#BANYSEUS0970231058BA USSA.D.BA7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Coca-ColaCompany#KONYSEUS1912161007COKE USUA.D.COKEUS7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Goldman Sachs#GS NYSEUS38141G1040GS USSC.D.GS7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Home Depot Inc#HDNYSEUS4370761029HD USSC.D.HD7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
JPMorgan Chase & Co#JPMNYSEUS46625H1005JPM USSD.D.JPM7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Procter & Gamble Co#PGNYSEUS7427181091PG USSE.D.PG7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Verizon Communications Inc#VZNYSEUS92343V1044VZ USSH.D.VZ7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Visa#VNYSEUS92826C8394V USSH.D.VUS7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Wal-Mart Stores Inc#WMTNYSEUS9311421039WMT USSH.D.WMT7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Apple#AAPLNASDAQUS0378331005AAPL USUA.D.AAPL7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD Inc#AMZNNASDAQUS0231351067AMZN USUA.D.AMZN7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Alphabet (Google Inc)#GOOGNASDAQUS02079K1079GOOG USUB.D.GOOGUS7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Microsoft Corp#MSFTNASDAQUS5949181045MSFT USUC.D.MSFT7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
3M Company#MMMNYSEUS88579Y1010MMM USSE.D.MMM7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
American Express Company#AXPNYSEUS0258161092AXP USSA.D.AXP7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Caterpillar Inc#CATNYSEUS1491231015CAT USSB.D.CAT7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Chevron Corp#CVXNYSEUS1667641005CVX USSB.D.CVX7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Exxon Mobil Corp#XOMNYSEUS30231G1022XOM USSH.D.XOM7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
General Electric#GENYSEUS3696041033GE USSC.D.GE7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
IBM Corporation#IBMNYSEUS4592001014IBM USSD.D.IBM7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Johnson & Johnson#JNJNYSEUS4781601046JNJ USSD.D.JNJ7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
McDonald's Corporation#MCDNYSEUS5801351017MCD USSE.D.MCD7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Merck&Co Inc#MRKNYSEUS58933Y1055MRK USSE.D.MRK7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Nike#NKENYSEUS6541061031NKE USSE.D.NKE7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Pfizer Inc#PFENYSEUS7170811035PFE USSE.D.PFE7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Walt Disney Company#DISNYSEUS2546871060DIS USSB.D.DIS7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Citigroup#CNYSEUS1729674242C USSB.D.C7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
AT&T Inc#TNYSEUS00206R1023T USSG.D.T7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Facebook Inc#FBNASDAQUS30303M1027FB USUB.D.FB7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Intel Corp#INTCNASDAQUS4581401001INTC USUB.D.INTC7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Tesla Motors Inc#TSLANASDAQUS88160R1014TSLA USUD.D.TSLA7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Cisco Systems Inc#CSCONASDAQUS17275R1023CSCO USUA.D.CSCO7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Deutsche Bank#DBNYSEDE0005140008DB USSB.D.DBUS7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Baidu IncBIDUNASDAQUS0567521085BIDU USUA.D.BIDU7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD Inc JDNASDAQUS47215P1066JD USUB.D.JDUS7%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd BABANYSEUS01609W1027BABA USSA.D.BABA9%9:30-16:00Yes21/200USD

Trading Sessions

Trading sessions for supported instruments:

FX Instruments

Forex instruments have streaming prices and trading functionality available continuously as follows:


  • Pricing & Trading begin each Sunday at 17:10 ET.
  • Pricing & Trading end each Friday at 16:55 ET
  • There is a daily system reset from 16:55 until 17:10 ET during which pricing and trading is not available.

Spot Metals

  • Metals instruments (gold, silver) quotes and trading functionality are active from 18:05:00 ET on Sunday until 16:55  ET on Friday.
  • Metals exchanges close daily from 16:55 until 18:05 ET, during which quotes and trading are unavailable.

Commodities (Energy and Oil)

Trading hours for Oil and Energy instruments:


  • XTI (WTI) & XNG (Natural Gas): Trading starts at 18:05 ET on Sunday and is active until 16:55 ET on Friday. There is a daily break in pricing between 16:55 ET until 18:05 ET.
  • XBR (Brent Crude Oil):  Trading starts at 20:05 ET on Sunday and is active until 16:55 ET on Friday. There is a daily break in pricing between 16:55 ET until 20:05 ET.

Holiday Hours For May Day May 3rd,2021

Normal Trading Hours

Precious Metals and Energy Products:
Normal Trading Hours

Normal Trading Hours

Please be aware that all UK Index CFDs will be in Out of Hours Pricing.

Single Stock CFDs:
Monday, May 3rd, 2021

ProductHoliday Hours
UK Single StocksClosed: Monday, May 3rd, 2021 (UK Time)

Attn: BridgeOMX Clients

In the event of holiday where pricing is shut down for a period of time, BridgeOMX clients should use the “Holidays” section of MT4 Administrator to shutdown pricing for a specific securities group or symbol. This will prevent the possibility of errant pricing/quotes from effecting your MT4 server.

“Holidays” section of MT4 Administrator

 Please feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

* CFD Trading and Holiday hours are subject to change.

** Holiday hours will be posted on the website.

***Friday Close time will supersede any daily break.

****Bridge Clients: Please note that you may see pricing in some products between 4:30pm and 5:00pm (EST).