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page-image-5Advanced Markets provides innovative liquidity, market data and credit solutions to fund managers enabling them to trade instantly on DMA-optimized multibank liquidity powered by pristine, real-time market data.

Advanced Markets’ DMA liquidity paradigm is a superior alternative to the single and multibank RFQ and ECN models when executing certain trading strategies. DMA combines the competitive, multibank elements of RFQ platforms with the low latency, transparency and anonymity of ECNs for traders seeking consistent, interbank liquidity and minimal market impact.

The firm’s core DMA offering attracted fund managers from its early days. Recent refinements, including FOX – Full Order eXecution, a true block trading mechanism, are gaining attention among the top ranks of hedge funds and commodity trading advisors. Through its innovative market structure and protocols, FOX – Full Order eXecution enables block trading without pre or post-trade information leakage and virtually eliminates market impact concerns.

Advanced Markets’ technology infrastructure is sufficiently robust to meet the needs of the most demanding fund managers. Trade using the leading front-end trading platforms or connect directly via FIX API.

To support our institutional clients, we offer prime brokerage services as well as a unique fully segregated custody accounts. PAMM and LAMM allocations are fully supported as well.