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page-image-15Advanced Markets provides an ideal trading environment for non-HFT algorithmic traders. Our low latency DMA liquidity pool enables trading on deep top-of-book multibank pricing with full anonymity.

DMA offers a compelling alternative to the single and multibank RFQ and ECN eFX models currently available. Advanced Markets’ DMA model combines the competitive, multibank elements of RFQ platforms and the low latency, transparency and anonymity of ECNs for traders seeking consistent, interbank liquidity.

By ensuring DMA trade flows from position and other non-high frequency traders, Advanced Markets’ platforms are priced more robustly than other anonymous, multibank trading venues, including ECNs.

Advanced Markets also offers FOX-Full Order eXecution, a true block trading mechanism, for strategies that benefit by large trade sizes, minimal information leakage and market impact.

Direct connections are facilitated through a FIX API with our servers housed at Equinix’s NY4 data center.

Advanced Markets has two front-end platforms for algorithmic traders to run their scripts. The popular MetaTrader 4 platform enables traders to run their MQL scripts directly on our DMA liquidity with high update rates and the stability of the ten top FX banks in the market.

Fortex 6 is the latest platform from market leading software firm Fortex. The platform supports script writing in Java or .net and runs directly on the platform connected to the trade engine. No bridges, no plugins, no middleware, and extremely low latency.