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The Fortex 6 front-end platform, Algo X engine and Advanced Market’s real-time market data and low latency DMA liquidity delivers a new level of high performance algorithmic trading to the market.

Algo X supports script development using open, industry-standard programming languages. Traders, developers and brokers are not locked into proprietary code with limited scalability and interoperability. 


Fortex ALGO X

The AlgoX algorithmic trading engine enables automated trading strategies to be developed in industry standard languages, including JavaScript and C#. Powered by Advanced Markets’ real-time multibank market data and low latency DMA trade executions, the solution delivers superior end-to-end performance to fund managers and individual algorithmic traders.

Low Latency Access to Tier 1 DMA Liquidity

   Algo X incorporates market depth views into Advanced Markets’s DMA liquidity pool of aggregated liquidity from 10 top-tier FX banks. All pricing is live and executable…and it’s all delivered in real-time.

Importantly there are no requotes in Advanced Markets’ DMA market structure and rejection rates are well below one per cent. Together, the Algo X-Advanced Markets’ DMA environment enables trades to be executed on the prices that trigger the algorithm’s trading instructions. This virtuous cycle enhances the performance of trading algorithms. 


The Fortex 6 Platform

Fortex 6 was designed with the mobile and browser user experience in mind. The interface is clean, intuitive, and simple to use in multiple languages. Operations are integrated for a consistent user experience throughout the application. Get single-click order entry. Place sophisticated order types, such as market, limit, fill-or-kill, immediate-or-cancel, all-or-none, stop loss, take profit, threshold, trailing stops, conditional, volume weighted average pricing (VWAP) and embedded in a single interface.

Advanced charting and technical studies are available within Fortex 6, eliminating the need for additional applications.

Any Platform, Any Device

Initially available for the desktop, Fortex 6 runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems. Fortex 6 Web is an HTML5 browser that delivers a completely interactive experience on any device without having to download or install separate software. It also is compatible with MetaTrader4 as a browser companion. Fortex 6 Mobile will support IOS and Android devices.